Výročie 2018

Nedeľné sv. omše

1999-11-04 - message obtained through Mary

My children!
     Children, because you forgot your love I beseech you today too to love you neighbour. Do see Jesus, my beloved Son in everyone. Children, you will be able to do it only if you pray the Holy Rosary, go to service and accept Lord in the Holy Communion. And so love and happiness will grow in your hearts, which you will be able to spread and share. If love will blossom within you, then you will be able to love your brothers and sisters. I also give and always bring love, joy and peace that are so very important for your spiritual life.
     Thank you, my children, that you hear my call.

1999-11-07 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My children!
     Many of you feel heavy in your hearts when thinking that one day Lord will take you to eternity. You are worried whether you will get to heaven. Children, you have to say to yourselves: I must get to heaven. You must do everything in your power to get to heaven. Try your best to be holy. Together with my son we are always ready to help. Children, and when you fall down be aware that Jesus is here to pick you up.
     Thank you for listening to my call.

1999-11-11 - message obtained through Mary

My dear children!
     Children, today too I bring to you love. Love which is so important for you. I invite you especially to the prayer of the heart. Do pray the Holy Rosary, pray it with love and joy. When you pray, think of what you pronounce and thus your love becomes more understandable to you. God you Gather loves you tremendously. Open your heats to prayer and so your hearts will be filed with love. Your Lord offers himself to you. His heart is always open for you. He will always listen to your sincere prayers and pleading. He gives himself to you as meal so that you might grow spiritually and blossom. Children, many people do not understand love and therefore they are filled with hatred, evil and therefore they are unable to grow spiritually. Children, care about holiness so that your spiritual life might be filled with love and joy.
     Thank you, my dear children, for listening to my call.

1999-11-18 - message obtained through Mary

My children!
     I come here to you out of God's will - your Father. He sends me here so that I might admonish you to live the life of the Holy Gospel - New Testament. I send to you peace, love and joy through God Father so that you might share it with others. My children, many of you think whether prayers, fasts and offerings are of any use. Children, but I , your Mother, assure you that whatever you do out of love for Jesus is not useless. Therefore children, live love that you have among you> and share it with your neighbours.
     Thank you, my children, for listening to my call.

1999-11-25 - message obtained through Mary

My dear children.
     Children, God your Lord sends me to you today too in order to help you. These times are very, very difficult. Many people are filled with hatred, evil feelings and pride. Many of you forgot love, many of you forgot to love your neighbours, many of you forgot to live the life of Gospel, many of you forgot how to share joy and peace where there is none. Therefore, my children, I come to you as your Mother in order to help you to live these words and for you to be able to realise them. Children, your neighbours expect your helping hand. Hand them over with love and joy. If love and joy will live in your hearts, everything will be easier for you to realise and understand in your spiritual life.
     Thank you for listening to my call.