Nedeľné sv. omše

2007-09-02 - message obtained through Adriana

My children!
     I want to ask you to pray for My sons – the priests, so that in their hearts they love Me as their MOTHER. Because they don’t love Me and don’t accept Me in their hearts. I give you My Motherly blessings. I love you endlessly, and I am infinitely concerned about each one of you.

2007-09-09 - message obtained through Martin

My children,
     Today I give you to My Son with a wish that He opens your hearts. Many of you are worried and closed in yourselves, and you don’t feel God’s Love. My children, you neither feel My Motherly love. I therefore beg you to go to confession so that Jesus through His presence in the Eucharist could heal you.

2007-09-15 - message obtained through Simona

My children!
     Today I want to ask each one of you to look at the cross. To look at My Son Who died for you. Children, your hearts are unable to accept our Love. Many of you come to Jesus, yet your hearts are closed. Today I want you to look at the cross and let Jesus to heal you. Do not be sad and worried; Jesus will lead you into joy and your hearts can then rest in our Hearts. Children, make up your minds.
     I immerse you into the Love of Jesus’ and My Heart.