Nedeľné sv. omše

1998-10-01 - message obtained through Mary

My dear children,
     great is the love which comes out of my Immaculate heart to you. You children, have your hearts clean and open for this love and so you will understand all and understand also those things which are for you incomprehensible. The Lord and God, your heavenly Father looks at you from the heaven and sees all of your doings. Children, I talk to you in love and with love - change yourselves! Children, Jesus´s and my heart gives it self to you, so you, children, let yourselves be guided by Jesus and me - by your Mother, who loves you immensely. Be a shining heart full of love and stay with love in your prayers and fulfillment, that is living my messages.
     Thank you for hearing my call.

1998-10-04 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My children,
     I am greeting you and blessing you all. Once again I am offering my holy rosary to you. Children, when you think about the mysteries of the holy rosary it might for some of you appear non - modern, old and worn out. But children if you open your hearts you will find out that this prayer is very nice, new, the one which brings joy to you. During the time you will find out that you are falling in love with it but first of all you have to start to pray it. Start to pray it in your families, communities and you will always discover in it new things that are needed for your hearts. Thank you that you heard my call.

1998-10-08 - message obtained through Mary

My children,
     I am coming to you to give you a message which is important for you. I am happy but again I am saying to you: Change yourselves! Children, pray everyday the whole holy rosary, the joyful, painful and solemn rosary, so you would be strong and adamant in you faith and you could stand against the evil. If you will pray, so through the prayer the love will dwell between you. As a rose, which is filled up after the rain and opens up at the first rays of the sun, so you, children, be filled with love and be eager with love for you faith and love which surrounds you.
     Thank you for hearing my call.

1998-10-15 - message obtained through Mary

My children,
     I am coming to you and bring you love. Children, even this day, through my arrival I bring you a lot of graces about which you do not even know. Children, I ask you for a prayer which is very needed. In a prayer you are connected to your heavenly Father and your Lord who is always present in the Holy Sacrament.
     Children of mine, if you will pray with love, so calmness, love and peace will be with you. Then you will be able to love, to forgive with love and take your neighbour for a friend and not to take him for an enemy. I love you and thank you for your prayers.
     Thank you my children that you heard my call.

1998-10-18 - message obtained through Lucia

Dear children,
     today I am coming to quieten your hearts. I am bringing to you into your hearts peace and love. This day your hearts need very much peace. Have them always opened so I could provide you with peace from Jesus Christ immediately as soon as you will have a lack of it. With peace you will always take everything easier. I know about everything. I see into your hearts. I know that you were wounded very much. Do not let your hearts waver. Be strong and stand firm in your mission which the Lord gives you through me. I know that many times it is difficult and painful. But in contrary to everything at all times fight. Days like this one will come again and unawaited as they do every time. Every time when your spirit will be weak, recall words which I announced to you before some time a those are: "All people will believe that I am coming to this parish." This sentence should strengthen you. People think that I bring you division. All of them who think this way are very, very much mistaken. I am coming between you to teach you unity. I want to teach you a strong unity so all of you would create one big family where the head of the family will be Jesus. I want to tell you: "Be strong to all of the people who did not take my arrivals still now. Show them unceasing love - love them." I tell you: "Do not let your hearts be cold to them but let them burn with cleanliness and sincere love. Love them, love them very much." I do not teach you anything new. All the time I repeat only words of the Holy Bible. In the Holy Bible are words left from my Son which also the holy Church teaches you. I can not teach something else as holy Church teaches because I am it's mother.

1998-10-22 - message obtained through Mary

My children,
     great is the love of my Son and your God the Father who sent me here to the earth to tell you these words: "Children , pray with love and not mechanically. Each one word which you pronounce, pronounce it with love and joy in your heart and in this way contemplate about he live of Jesus Christ. Let your hearts be filled with love, prayer and joy to be able to overflow all of your neighbours with love and joy. Children, do love even all of those who do not love you." I love you. Thank you that you heard my call.

1998-10-27 - message obtained through Martin

My children,
     today I want to tell you a message which is important. My children, my help which I am specially offering here to you, you will feel even more. The time is coming when you will very much feel my help. Mainly then, when the time of secrets will come, the secrets which I gave to my visionaries. I am staying with you. I want, my children, to prepare you for that, that the time is getting shorter and the God's plan which is prepared for Slovakia is near. And that's why children, prepare for it's fulfillment. It is a great and joyful role for you. Children, please, be eager to fulfill it. The time is near, start to work from all your might.

1998-10-29 - message obtained through Mary

My children,
     I brought my love in today too by means of which I drown you. I am happy that our Lord allows me to come to you. Children, let your hearts be clean and sincere and let your sincerity lit up everyone with love, every neighbour of ours. Children, be meek and sincere, so that your love might be filled with love and peace and be dear to God, your Heavenly Father. Children, be an example to all whom you meet.
     Thank you, dear children, that you listen to my call.